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Smart Start to Renting

  1. Develop a budget
    1. Consider expenses, in addition to rent
      1. These can be utilities, electric, cable, internet…etc.
    2. How much money can you put down?
      1. You will need to pay a minimum of the first month’s rent and a security deposit prior to moving in. In some cases, you may need to also pay the last month’s rent or an additional security deposit.
  2. Classify desired or necessary living situation
    1. How much space and how many rooms do you need?
    2. Your living situation may fall into one of these categories:
      1. Single
      2. Couple
      3. Roommate
      4. Family
  3. Discover areas you’d like to move to, considering:
    1. Distance to transportation and maximum commute times
    2. Distance to Shopping
    3. Neighborhood activities and accommodations
    4. Urban vs. suburban atmosphere
    5. School zoning
    6. Local flavor (overall trend of the neighborhood)
      1. Make a special trip to each area to find the right atmosphere.
  4. Figure out when you want to move in
    1. Are you on a lease currently?
    2. Do you have deadlines for a job/school?
    3. How quickly could you move out of your current living situation?
  5. Work out your schedule in order to look at a places
    1. Is your schedule rigid or flexible?
    2. Some properties may have limited viewing schedules
  6. Consider your application
    1. How much do you make a year and can you prove it?
      1. Gather tax forms, pay stubs, and employment letters
    2. How is your credit?
    3. Do you have any assets or investments?
      1. Statements/Portfolios may be given as proof
    4. Do you have a guarantor available if necessary?
    5. Do you have references?
  7. Decide on Pets
    1. Having a pet can make things difficult as it may limit your search.
    2. You may also be asked to put down a pet deposit in addition to your security deposit.

Application Checklist



A “Guarantor” is someone who will guarantee the fulfillment of all terms of the lease agreement.

You may need a guarantor if you do not meet the necessary requirements of the application. (E.g. you may have low income, poor credit, or be a student…etc.) If you realize that you may not meet the necessary requirements, it is best that you inform your agent of the situation so that we may advise you on how to take the necessary steps to put together the strongest application possible.

If you do need a guarantor, it is best that they understand their duties and responsibilities before reaching the processing stage. They must provide sufficient documentation that shows that they would be financially capable of backing your lease. It may be preferred or required that the guarantor live in the Tri-State area.


Pet Deposit

Many landlords require a “Pet Deposit” in order for you to be allowed to have a pet in the apartment. A pet deposit is a deposit given in addition to the security deposit. The purpose of this is to ensure that proper care of the premises is taken and may reassure landlords that are weary of renting to you.


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